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From planning and designing to the execution of all of your marketing needs, we provide complete support for developing your business. We offer flexible service contents and prices according to your needs.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

We mainly provide the following services in response to client’s issues.

  • Strategy planning based on KGI for the entire business, investigation, tactical design and execution , KPI setting and measurement, PDCA implementation
  • Strategy planning for Owned and earned media, investigation, tactical design and execution , KPI setting and measurement, PDCA implementation
  • System attendance for marketing automation and scenario design, KPI setting and measurement, PDCA implementation
  • Visualization of promotions and entire websites, analysis, issue extraction, review of measures, planning of new measures
  • Verification of effectiveness of mass media (TV, transportation, magazines, etc.) , planning of cooperative measures with digital measures
Promotion Support

Promotion Support

We mainly provide the following services in response to clients’ issues.

  • Listing advertisement management (Search, Display)
  • Operational advertisement management (Yahoo! Premium DSP, Google DSP, LINE Ads, etc.)
  • Social advertisement management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, affiliate, etc.)
  • Website analysis, attribution analysis, various data analysis
  • Introduction and management of effect measurement tools (Ad EBiS, GTM and YTM, web antenna, etc.)


We provide support to a wide variety of business types including human resources, finance, automotive, media, EC / email / app / security infrastructure, nursing care, hospitals, flash marketing, apparel, study abroad, translation, and more.


At Precision Marketing, there are many ‘commitments’ to produce value that exceeds client’s expectations. We will provide sincere and humble support for your business development.

  • Sales = Consultant

    We have no members who solely focus on sales.
    Since the consultant assigned when the contract is made will be engaged from the time of sales, there is no discrepancy between before and after the contract, and it is possible to execute the wording of the proposal content.

  • Maintain proper business volume

    We limit the number of clients each staff member works with to between 3 and 6 in order to achieve results and be able to always respond in good faith.

  • Thorough education

    We do not have any inexperienced consultants taking charge alone.
    Only those who have undergone sufficient training and have passed the strict standards of the company can be the main person in charge.

  • The best supporter of clients outside their company

    We will thoroughly scrutinize each client’s service content, current situation, and issues, and continue to be the supporter that best understands the client outside their company.
    Internally, we maintain customer records and update them frequently.

  • Pursuit of client satisfaction

    We conduct client satisfaction surveys with our clientele’s cooperation once every quarter.
    This is a mechanism from which the results greatly affect the evaluation of our consultants.


Trade Name
Precision Marketing, Inc.
Head Office : Nishi-Shinjuku Mitsui Building 15F, 6-24-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒160-0023
Branch Office : Hankyu Grand Building 20F, 8-47 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City 〒530-0017
May 10, 2007
46,340,000 Yen
Our Business
Digital marketing consulting, operational advertising support, promotion support, etc.
Chairman and CEO Seiji Takasaki
President and COO Motokazu Nishihara
Director Takahiro Kita
Auditor Yoshiharu Suzuki
MUFG Tama Center Branch
SMBC Shinjuku Branch
Kiraboshi Bank Shibuya Center Branch
Registration Number
有料職業紹介事業 :13-ユ-307174
1st Fiscal Period: 141,960,000 Yen
2nd Fiscal Period: 324,850,000 Yen
3rd Fiscal Period: 671,70,000 Yen
4th Fiscal Period: 842,660,000 Yen
5th Fiscal Period: 1,390,310,000 Yen
6th Fiscal Period: 1,657,850,000 Yen
7th Fiscal Period: 1,649,850,000 Yen
8th Fiscal Period: 1,617,410,000 Yen
9th Fiscal Period: 1,636,900,000 Yen
10th Fiscal Period: 1,946,210,000 Yen
11th Fiscal Period: 2,260,900,000 Yen
12th Fiscal Period: 2,626,150,000 Yen
Number of Employees
Member Organizations
一般社団法人 中小・地方・成長企業のためのネット利活用による販路開拓協議会


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